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if you dont like peeps get the hell away from me

do you mean people or is there something american called peeps

either way *gets the hell away from you*



hey now you have not liVED until you’ve had a peep ok

Wait, did we do it? Do we finally have something other countries don’t have/know about?? We’re not the ones who are out of the loop for once?


You know… I was just thinking about Peeps earlier today.  

We saw some in the store and I explained the concept of “Peep Jousting" to my boyfriend. :-)

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School Can Ban Low Cut Shirts & Mini-Skirts Over Safety Concerns, Federal Court Rules

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Officials at a Northern California high school acted appropriately when they ordered students wearing low-cut shirts & mini-skirts change the garments during a school celebration, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the officials’ concerns of sexual violence outweighed students’ freedom of expression rights. Administrators feared the women’s clothing  would enflame the passions of male students during the celebration. Live Oak High School, in the San Jose suburb of Morgan Hill, had a history of problems between women and men.

How many of you are now outraged?  How dare these women get told they have to change so they don’t enflame the passions of men, right?

Here’s the actual article - LINK.

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Only in schools…

Only in schools … would it be acceptable to wear a shirt promoting a nationality.  Attacking said student over his or her shirt would be a hate-crime.

Unless the student wears this: (x)

When that happens, schools respond by

  • Banning the shirt
  • Blaming the student for “taunting” others
  • Treat anyone who attacks the student as the victim, vs a perpetuator of hate-crimes

Hell, all over Tumblr people always post about how girls can wear whatever they want and if someone DARES tell them “you dressed like that so you asked for being attacked” people go nuts and scream at whomever would say that.

But change it to a male or female student wearing a flag, and … yeah no outrage over being attacked.  Blame the victim, make sure they know they’re not allowed to dress like that because it “draws attention”. O.o

Always sad how some hate-crimes are accepted while everyone’s so quick to denounce every other hate-crime.

Condemning one hate-crime but condoning another is hypocrisy.

Court Says Privacy Case Can Proceed vs. Google

In addition to photographs, Street View vehicles secretly collected e-mail, passwords, images and other personal information from unencrypted home computer networks.

Google tried to get the case dismissed, saying the Wi-Fi communications it captured were “readily accessible to the general public” and therefore not a violation of federal wiretapping laws.

So pretty much, when faced with the charges, they tried to pretend it wasn’t illegal.

Or in a nutshell… they told themselves that wi-fi was “radio waves” and therefore not illegal to snoop personal information.


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